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Cambashi Is One of the '20 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology Consulting Companies'

US enterprise technology magazine CIO Review compiled the list in December 2013.


They say "In the last few months, we looked at hundreds of solution providers and consulting companies and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the challenges of the manufacturing industry.


In our selection, we examined the vendors' capability to offer products, solutions and services that support core business the specific context of the manufacturing business."

Episode #1 of Cambashi’s 2014 webinar series is now available on demand

Each episode demonstrates the use of market data to guide a critical business decision

The first webinar handles choice of country – having been successful in the US and Japan, which country should be next for a high tech software provider’s business growth?


Looking at the US and Japan, and also China, South Korea, Germany and Switzerland, we use Cambashi Market Data to uncover substantial differences between 18 different subsectors of High Tech within these countries - differences which ultimately shape the decision to invest in a given territory. We also forecast growths up to 2017.


The 30 minute recording is available at:


(registration is free and needs an email address, this stays inside Cambashi).

Download the New White Paper - The Why and How of Marketing Planning

Aligning Strategy and Operations in Complex Businesses

How to develop an organisation’s strategy has been a pre-occupation of senior managers, consulting firms and business school academics for decades.


Achieving alignment of the multitude of operational targets and activities across products, geographies and industries with corporate strategy is an extremely difficult task. The key is the marketing planning framework and the benefits of getting it right are compelling. Allocating the right people and investments to the right activities in the right places at the right time both maximizes opportunity and optimizes cost. 


A robust and coherent marketing plan allows you to balance activities right across your business and to modify them quickly and effectively in response to business outcomes and changes in the market.


Download a copy here

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