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Episode #3 of Cambashi's 2014 webinar series is now available on demand

The third webinar in the series deals with a key part of the Marketing Planning process - allocating sales and marketing resources.


This time, our scenario sees a software vendor attempting to set resource levels. They must balance support for strategic initiatives alongside country and industry opportunities and targets.


Our Approach


We'll show how market data can set a framework that enables the planning team to understand the market and get the right resources in the right places.

We'll demonstrate how data can shed light on crucial issues:

  • How big is the market? By industry? By application segment?
  • Where are the growth opportunities? How can they be ranked?
  • What is the competitive landscape?

Click here to view the recording along with previous episodes.


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Download the White Paper - The Why and How of Marketing Planning

Aligning Strategy and Operations in Complex Businesses

How to develop an organisationís strategy has been a pre-occupation of senior managers, consulting firms and business school academics for decades.


Achieving alignment of the multitude of operational targets and activities across products, geographies and industries with corporate strategy is an extremely difficult task. The key is the marketing planning framework and the benefits of getting it right are compelling. Allocating the right people and investments to the right activities in the right places at the right time both maximizes opportunity and optimizes cost. 


A robust and coherent marketing plan allows you to balance activities right across your business and to modify them quickly and effectively in response to business outcomes and changes in the market.


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