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Careers at Cambashi

We don't have any vacancies at the moment.


However, we are always happy to hear from people interested in working for Cambashi - if you would like to be considered for a role within the team in the future, please send your CV or résumé, with your current or most recent salary, to


Our company is a team of highly motivated people operating in an informal but professional environment in Cambridge, UK. We are supported by a 'virtual company' of associates and partners in the UK, across Europe, in the USA and in APAC.

We specialise in providing independent analysis of the application of IT in manufacturing and engineering industries. We offer in-depth market intelligence and analysis, either in the form of licensed data services or custom consultancy projects. These projects cover all aspects of marketing, from strategy, marketing planning and market entry studies through to pricing and competitive analysis.


We also have an established Training Practice that manages the development and delivery of our manufacturing industry training services.

Here are the broad outlines of the required credentials for the roles within Cambashi:


  • A background in marketing or market research
  • A graduate qualification or University Degree
  • Experience as a business or applications specialist with a CAD, ERP or manufacturing software supplier or user
  • Strong critical thinking and communication abilities

Senior Analyst/Consultant- Analyst/Consultant credentials, plus:
  • A broad knowledge of all aspects of a manufacturing business
  • Managerial or marketing experience with a CAD, ERP or manufacturing software supplier, or a large manufacturing IT user
  • An understanding of the challenges faced by IT suppliers selling into manufacturing companies
  • Successful project completion experience

Principal Analyst/Consultant– Senior Analyst/Consultant credentials, plus:

  • Ability to cultivate client relationships and sell Cambashi services, including yourself
  • Ability to manage projects of multiple types and sizes
  • Ability to present Cambashi research at industry events
  • Ability to analyze and develop insights and trends regarding the business impacts of the use of IT on value-adding businesses