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Profitable Paths to Overcome the Conflict between Innovation, Regulatory Shifts and Quality

22 June 2012

Most medical device companies are growing, but only a quarter are achieving financial significant business performance improvements at the same time. A new research study by UBM Canon MD&DI and its research partner Cambashi reveals that “Advancers” who are achieving rapid growth and improving key financial metrics actually have more product variants and are less focused on traditional cost management than others. The Advancers focus more on improving cost of quality -- not just quality-- and managed to improve an array of operational metrics to do so.


This research shows that most medical device companies find that product innovation and product quality are the top two opportunities for success. New research reveals that as a conundrum, since changing compliance requirements and engineering changes are the top two challenges to quality. Companies are focused on improving plant operations – or for smaller companies – outsourcing them – to improve results and cope with growth. This session will reveal research results for the first time from the new report.


What you will learn:

  • What those Advancers who improved financial performance are doing differently
  • What manufacturing line-level metrics these companies are improving that others may not be
  • How not focusing on costs leads to lower costs of quality and manufacturing - How many respondents – even in quality – feel they have more checks and balances than regulators require
  • The role of commercial software in making significant improvements
  • As an attendee, you will receive a copy of the full research report to learn from your peers

Date: July 17, 2012
Time: 2PM ET, 11 AM PT
Webcast Duration: 60 minutes


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