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Cambashi contributes to several industry publications and co-publishes reports with a number of industry organizations.  Our broad industry and technology knowledge informs commentary on how companies can improve business performance by leveraging IT.  We hope you enjoy reading our articles and regularly scheduled columns.  For more information on the magazines and industry organizations we work with on an ongoing basis, see Publishing Partners.


Emerging Environmental Product Policy April 2005
Mark Biagi
The pressure on engineers to consider sustainability of their designs is increasing.  A recent ‘Expert’s View’ discussed the ELV Directive.  Now we consider the extension of these concepts into other product development areas.  Recently the European Union proposed the Integrated Product Policy (IPP).  This article summarizes the philosophy behind IPP and examines its potential impacts on the business of product development, in particular design.
Emerging Environmental Product Policy (93 KB pdf file)
Regulation & Engineering January 2005
Nick Ballard
There is no doubt that we live in an increasingly regulated world.  To some, “red-tape” inhibits creativity, stifles competitiveness, and adds to the cost of doing business, often without achieving the intended aims.  To others it represents the individual citizen exercising restraint, through their elected representatives, on the worst excesses of globalisation.
Regulation & Engineering (69 KB pdf file)