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Cambashi analyses the global logistics market and provides data showing how businesses are responding to challenges through the use of advanced technologies.


Globalisation and the Internet have forever increased the complexity of the distribution industry and increased the demands on domestic delivery services and global logistics providers alike. The application of technologies, from Warehouse Management (WMS), to Inventory Optimization (IO) and high end automation systems, is essential to enhance operations and preserve margins in the face of rising fuel prices, complex regulatory frameworks and increasing customer demands.


Our Services  


The Cambashi Market Observatories are multi-perspective data sets, used by our clients to support sales and marketing decisions and the strategic allocation of resources and investment.


They segment, quantify and map out distribution industry spending on technical software applications - including CAx, PLM, GIS and other design, planning and engineering software types. 


As well as enabling us to regularly publish articles into the changing state of the logistics and retail industries, our continuous research also feeds into the same modules of our world-class suite of online industry training courses.