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Cambashi analyses the activities and performance of the prominent GIS providers. This technology can be used to capture, visualise and manipulate geospatial data.



The Challenges


Understanding the market for geospatial software has particular challenges, not least because the application space is continuously evolving. Pinning down exactly what is being measured varies from commentator to commentator and from analyst to analyst. The Cambashi team uses its deep knowledge of the industry to ensure that the scope of the market being measured aligns exactly with the client’s market definition.



Our Services


Cambashi market data quantifies spend on geospatial applications, by country, to provide our clients with a robust platform for marketing planning and other strategic decisions.


To complement this, we maintain a view of the specialist user community. From cartographers and surveyors, through to professionals responsible for the design and maintenance of large industrial sites, Cambashi research highlights the potential user base for geospatial solutions, by role and industry, across more than fifty countries worldwide.


We also regularly publish articles analysing business and technology developments in this space.