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Cambashi Predicts 2011 Software Spending to Grow in Key Industrial Sectors

2011 Growth vs. 2010 varies by sector, led by aerospace and defence, process and utilities


Cambridge, UK, May 2011 - Latest research into technical software application spending from Cambashi indicates that, in 2011, worldwide recovery is likely to be fastest in the Aerospace and Defence and the Process and Utility industries. A significant factor is the recovery and reinvestment funding that is supporting many infrastructure programmes around the world. Technical applications cover AEC (architecture, engineering & construction), geospatial (GIS) and manufacturing (CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM/PLM) software applications.


Regional variation


Splitting these figures into Americas, Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC ) regions, differences emerge with the Americas showing strongest growth in Automotive  - one of the hardest hit industries in the early days of the recession and having a long way to climb back to pre-recession performance. Cambashi forecasts that EMEA and APAC will have highest growth in the Pharma, then Process and Utilities industries but all three regions suggest Aerospace and Defence performing well, resulting in its strong combined position worldwide.


Cambashi Observatories


These observations are drawn from the Cambashi Market Observatories Q1 2011, now available, which have the latest market sizing and forecasts for the technical application software market. The ten industry classifications illustrated here summarise the 147 individual industry classes analysed for each of 47 countries in the Cambashi Industry Observatory, Q1 2011.



                  A&D, Process and Utilities industries lead the way in global growth


The Cambashi Market Observatories provide a four-way view on the AEC, CAD, CAM, PLM, CAE and GIS application software market by country, industry, economic activity and product line. The first quarter releases of 2011 bring the observatories up to date with the latest market forecasts and company reports.


Quarter 1 also sees the annual update of the Cambashi Employment Observatory, which provides data on economically active population by industry for over 50 countries, enabling reliable assessment of user demand for technical software.


“As economies move cautiously out of recession, these data give companies confidence to plan for growth” said Mike Evans, Research Director, Cambashi.


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About Cambashi

Cambashi is a market research, industry analysis and consulting firm based in Cambridge UK and Boston MA US. Our independent research and analysis delivers compelling insights on the use of IT to address business issues in manufacturing, process, distribution, energy, utilities and construction industries. Our consulting analysts partner with clients worldwide to clarify decisions, assess trends, articulate value and craft an effective path to market rewards. We deliver global market data and industry training, and apply our extensive industry knowledge to each client’s unique situation.


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