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International Partners

Cambashi takes a truly international approach to business and market planning, with partners in Europe, the Americas, and Asia/Pacific.


These relationships allow us to produce comprehensive global research studies and business plans for our clients which take full account of the diverse market expectations in each country.


Our network of highly qualified analysts, consultants, engineers, economists, scientists and managers understand local language and culture in each region and country. They also have domain expertise in an array of industry segments and solution areas.


Our partners include:


intrinSIM, a leading authority on embeddable technology for engineering applications,works with Cambashi on market planning and market analysis projects, primarily in North America. The knowledge and experience of intrinSIM's staff complements Cambashi's own extensive knowledge of the technical applications market, enabling the partnership to offer expert market analysis services underpinned by the Cambashi Market Observatories, the most comprehensive market data available in the industry. The partnership was announced in a press release in December 2012.



Cambashi (Cambridge, UK and Massachusetts, USA)

and DFL Consulting (Paris, France) have a

partnership agreement for technical application markets. The objective of the partnership, which builds on existing long term relationships, is to improve both organisationsí coverage of emerging opportunities for their clients. The partnership was announced in a press release on January 14, 2011.



Four Winds Research

is a market research

and analysis firm

dedicated to sustainable

product design and manufacturing. Its research efforts are focused on identifying the key issues and challenges facing designers and engineers today as they attempt to create sustainable products; understanding how organizations can effectively apply sustainability principles in product design and development both internally and across the supply chain; and the critical role that sustainability metrics, tools, and technologies promise to play in product design and manufacturing in the coming decade.