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Cambashi is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, where it was founded by Cambridge University graduate Mike Evans in 1984.  Evans worked in the research and development phase of the Computer Aided Design (CAD) industry as it originated in the 1960s at MIT in the US and Cambridge in the UK.  Later, in the commercialization phase, he was involved in worldwide sales and marketing of CAD in Japan.   We continue to retain our links with Cambridge University.


Over the years, Cambashi’s scope has expanded beyond CAD and product development application areas into enterprise applications, IT infrastructure and mission-critical applications.  Cambashi also expanded to provide truly international coverage through our worldwide network of associates.  In 2008 we established a permanent North American base in Massachusetts, with a briefing center in downtown Boston.  


1984   Founded by Mike Evans, focused on advisory services for users and suppliers of CAD/CAM and related Computer Aided Technologies


1988  Co-founded CATN, the Computer Aided Technologies Network, a European Consortium providing advisory services on these technologies


1990   Published the first annual Marketing Managers Handbook providing quantitative information on technical applications markets


1993   CATN conducts large scale CIME Vertical Markets study for European Commission investigating user demand for software solutions


1995   Holds the first annual networking seminar on sales and marketing issues of Information Technology for Industry


1997   Authors first edition of Ovum Evaluates “ERP for Manufacturers


2003   Published the first Cambashi Market Observatory providing global quantitative research on the Technical Applications software market


2005   First release of e-learning courseware teaching how vertical industries operate


2006   First MESA Metrics that Matter report conducted by Industry Directions


2007   Invited submission to the UK Governments Science and Innovation Policy “Sainsbury Review


2008   Merged operations with Boston, MA based Industry Directions, a research firm specialising in shop floor and supply chain solutions to form Cambashi Inc.


2009   Host Minister for Science and Innovation, Cambridge's high technology cluster


2010   First publication of the Cambashi Systems Engineering and Embedded Software Product Observatory, with research findings originally published at COFES Israel. Cambashi shared its research observations on the technical applications market in Israel on IDGConnect 


2012   Reuters covers Cambashi's report on quality and innovation in medical device manufacturing, originally published in FierceSmartGrid


2013   Participates in COFES Russia