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Cambashi analysts and consultants present regularly at industry events and forums, as well as on-line events such as webcasts and podcasts.  Some of our presentation materials are available here for you to use.

We often allow re-use of our materials with appropriate credit to Cambashi, the title and date of the presentation, and our copyright.  If you find materials here you’d like to re-use, please send an e-mail to  


Industry Focus Demo: Aerospace November 2013
Rory Christian

Selected screenshots from the Aerospace course

Demo: Product Development in Manufacturing November 2013
Rory Christian

Selected screenshots from one module of the Introduction to Manufacturing curriculum

Demo: Product Development in Manufacturing (834 KB pdf file)
Webcast - Test Blind Spots in Electronics Supply Chain Hurt OEM Profits March 2012
Julie Fraser

OEMs of electronics and other “smart” products must push to understand quality across the entire global supply chain and lifecycle. Yet with contract manufacturers, suppliers and service centers scattered across the globe, most OEMs don’t have a cohesive view of how each product is performing. Even when the full genealogy is available, it’s challenging for companies to piece together and analyze every aspect of quality, test results and test assets in order to make improvements.

In this webcast we discussed a solution - comprehensive test and quality management that spans all partners and all phases of the lifecycle, from design and production to returns and refurbishment.  Participants learnt how manufacturers measure performance today, what those who improve financial results do differently, benefits of a single version of the truth, what leaders are doing to outstrip others in quality and cost, key functions of a test and quality management solution, and how to build a business case for test and quality management across the supply chain. A complimentary ROI Consultation was offered after the Webcast. In the consultation, Averna’s Michael Weizmann used the Proligent ROI Calculator to give participants a customized view of how their company can benefit from this industry-leading solution. View the webcast on the Averna website.

“Sneak Preview” - Metrics Strategies of Leading Performers Sponsored Webcast Slides February 2012
Julie Fraser

In this Webcast PowerPoint presentation, lead researcher Julie Fraser revealed a subset of key findings from the current research study Pursuit of Performance Excellence.  View the Webcast video with guest speakers, including manufacturing executives from both batch process and discrete industries who shared their experiences and best practices for pursuing performance excellence in day-to-day operations.
“Sneak Preview” - Metrics Strategies of Leading Performers Sponsored Webcast Slides (968 KB pdf file)

Beyond Compliance: Leveraging Regulatory Guidance and Commercial Technology to Drive Healthier Business Outcomes November 2011
Julie Fraser
This presentation by Julie Fraser was given at the Dassault Systèmes Customer Conference 2011.
Beyond Compliance: Leveraging Regulatory Guidance and Commercial Technology to Drive Healthier Business Outcomes (1 MB pdf file)
MESA Metrics Research: History, Preview and Help! November 2011
Tony Christian
Director Tony Christian delivered a presentation about the current MESA Metrics Research Study at the MESA European conference.  The presentation gave a preview of results from the ongoing study, Pursuit of Performance Excellence:  Business Success through Effective Plant Operations Metrics. 
MESA Metrics Research: History, Preview and Help! (915 KB pdf file)
Using Logistics to Help Your Business Launch an Effective Global Strategy September 2011
Julie Fraser
This UPS sponsored webcast features Industry Analyst Julie Fraser discussing the challenges presented by global trade where companies have to navigate the complexities of international transportation, customs and compliance requirements.  View Webcast.
ISA Summit Keynote Address 2011 September 2011
Julie Fraser
Principal Industry Analyst Julie Fraser delivered a Keynote address, Sales and Marketing on the Front Lines, at the ISA Summit 2011. The address focused on the urgent need for industrial automation marketing and sales teams to understand and deliver all that today's discerning customer values.
ISA Summit Keynote Address 2011 (817 KB pdf file)
Webinar: Avoiding the "So What?" Response in a Sales Call August 2011
Julie Fraser
This ISA Marketing & Sales Summit Webinar was an open discussion forum on consultative selling.  How many times have you eagerly told a prospect about your products only to have them say, “So what?” Everyone wants to avoid that wet blanket during a sales call. This open discussion forum about consultative selling, also sometimes called solution selling, proposes asking what they want rather than telling them what you’ve got. This requires a concerted effort on the part of the salespeople, but also underscores the importance of marketing and sales readiness and training.  Julie Fraser, President and Principal Industry Analyst, Cambashi Inc., presented with Rick Albrecht, Sales Engineer, Dynatech Control Systems.
e-Seminar on the Holistic Approach to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing June 2011
Julie Fraser
Sponsored by Dassault Systèmes, view the recording of this e-Seminar, "The Holistic Approach to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Support for Efficient Processes to Make Safe and Effective Drugs," to learn how pharmaceutical companies are leveraging PLM solutions to manage the complexity of regulated processes while also promoting innovation and growth.  Held in June 2011, this on-demand e-Seminar features Julie Fraser, President, Cambashi, Inc. and Yann D'Aramon, VP Sales DELMIA Operations, Dassault Systèmes who discussed current challenges in pharmaceutical manufacturing, examples of how Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions could apply, and pragmatic ways to get started.
COFES 2011 International Business Update May 2011
Tony Christian
COFES 2011, the Congress on the Future of Engineering Software, featured an International Business Update presentation by Tony Christian, Director at Cambashi.  COFES is the engineering software industry's only annual think tank event that brings together executives from design, engineering, architectural, development and technology companies to understand the role engineering technology will play in the future survival and success of industry. 
COFES 2011 International Business Update (2 MB pdf file)
OpsInsight Leadership Forum May 2011
Julie Fraser
The OpsInsight Leadership Forum featured a presentation by Julie Fraser, Principal Analyst at Cambashi at the session titled, Creating a Highly Responsive Multi-tier Business Network through Collaborative Execution.
OpsInsight Leadership Forum (1 MB pdf file)
PLM Innovation Congress 2011 January 2011
Peter Thorne
As an independent Product Lifecycle Management event, the 2011 PLM Innovation Congress provided the opportunity for key stakeholders to discuss developments in PLM and provide answers to the industrial challenges facing a world emerging from recession.  Peter Thorne, Managing Director of Cambashi, was a featured speaker for the session, Trends and Maximizing the Value of PLM Investments.  Peter presented aspects of Cambashi's research - including market data together with selected business and technology trends - to highlight ways leading PLM users can maximize the value they achieve from their investments.  Additional references to this presentation are available in Tweets that show slides presented at the conference using data from Google Earth and trends for embedded software.
PLM Innovation Congress 2011 (1 MB pdf file)

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