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Publishing Partners

Cambashi works with an array of industry publications, contributing on a regular basis to several magazines. Read the columns and articles on our web site, and visit our publishing partner sites, listed here.


     Evaluation Centre, powered by the National

     Computing Centre, provides buyers with a range of

     procurement services.



     Managing Automation, published by Thomas  Publishing

     Company, LLC, provides a complete set of decision-

     support informational tools for progressive manufacturers.




Covering what matters to UK manufacturing professionals, The Manufacturer magazine is an essential resource for industry leaders and business owners. Providing insight into regulatory change, government industrial policy, investment priorities and strategic trends, The Manufacturer engages with industry concerns in its news, articles and commentary but also at events dedicated to all functions through supply chain, research and development, IT and more. Cambashi has a regular blog and column in The Manufacturer.


Cambashi has also partnered with industry-focussed organizations to conduct and publish research studies.


  Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA)

  International offers working groups, industry events

  and educational forums for industry professionals

  seeking innovative thinking and leadership to drive

  operations excellence.  Cambashi has partnered with

MESA on several research studies in the manufacturing industry.  Cambashi Inc.

President Julie Fraser is a MESA Metrics Working Group Leader.


   Medical Device + Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI) is

   aimed at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of

   medical devices and in vitro diagnostic products. The

goal of MD+DI is to help industry professionals develop, design, and manufacture medical products that comply with complex and demanding regulations and market requirements.